TDP MLAs of the district Errabelli Dayakar Rao, D. Sitakka, R. Prakash Reddy and others hit out at TRS leader K. Chandrasekhar Rao for repeatedly attacking the TDP. They dared him to target the Congress party and Sonia Gandhi for going back on separate Telangana and not the parties which supported the cause.

“The list of KCR’s misdeeds and corrupt practices is with Sonia Gandhi and hence he is silent. He cannot dare to attack her or the Congress party,” they said.

Naidu’s brief address

Meanwhile, TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu, who began his day very late around 3 p.m. from Tekumatla, addressed a small gathering at Nawabpeta in Chityal mandal during his padayatra. After a brief address, he wanted the women in the crowd to narrate their problems.

He wanted them to tell how they lived during the TDP regime and the problems they were facing under the current Congress regime.

One woman complained about skyrocketing prices of essential commodities to shortage of power and gas supplies.

“The SHG bank loans are being linked to the debts of our husbands and crop loans taken by the family. Bankers are not releasing the gold pawned with them by the women if the SHG owed loan amount. This is too much,” she said.

Mr. Naidu, after listening to her and others, who echoed similar feelings, urged them to give the TDP all 42 MPs so that he would fight with the powers at New Delhi and ensure gas at lower price.

The TDP chief tried to paint every other political party bad while trying to explain how best the days were when his party was ruling the State.