Kinjarapu family is facing the ire of TDP cadre in Srikakulam district

Several Telugu Desam Party leaders are up in arms against Kinjarapu family alleging that they were responsible for the allocation of Itchapuram seat to the BJP, which was initially offered Narasannapeta seat.

Itchapuram TDP in-charge Bendalam Ashok, who strived hard to strengthen the party, has strongly expressed his displeasure over the “strategies” of Kinjarapu family, which has upper hand over the TDP politics in the district.

His father Bendalam Ashok has also unhappy with the party high command over the denial of ticket to his son.

They have reportedly criticized TDP Lok Sabha candidate Kinjarapu Rammohan and TDP Tekkali Assembly candidate K. Atchannaidu for neglecting the strong Kalinga and Kapu communities in the district.

According to them, Srikakulam, Narasannapeta, Tekkali assembly seats and Srikakulam Lok Sabha seat were allocated to Velama leaders. Patapatnam seat, which was expected to be given to a Kapu leader has been offered to Satrucharla Vijayarama Raju, a former minister.

Out of seven in the jurisdiction of Srikakulam Lok Sabha constituency, Kalinga community got lone Amadalavalasa seat. This has lead to displeasure among the community. Palasa seat was allocated to Srisayana community.

A TDP senior leader, on condition of anonymity, told The Hindu that Congress and YSR Congress maintained balances among the dominant caste in the district. “YSR Congress has given Lok Sabha seat to Kapu community, while allocating three Assembly seats such as Amadalavalasa, Tekkali and Palasa to Kalinga community. But TDP has completely favoured Velama community at the cost of other important sections of the society. It will pay the price if it fails to correct its mistakes,” he added.

“After observing the political situation, the Congress also tried to please important communities in the district. It allocated three Assembly seats such as Srikakulam, Tekkali and Amadalavalasa to Kalinga community while giving two seats Patapatnam and Narasannapeta to Kapu community,” said another leader.

Meanwhile, TDP’s Lok Sabha candidate for Srikakulam, Mr. Rammohan, made it clear that the allocation of Itchapuram seat was purely the decision of the party high command and his role was “minimal”.