Seven Congress MPs from Telangana on Friday called on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Friday and stated that it was time the Centre gave clarity to the issue of separate Telangana at the all-party meeting scheduled for December 28.

They urged him to ensure that all the political parties give a single opinion on facilitating creation of separate Telangana State during the all-party meeting. The Centre should take the initiative and resolve the contentious issue, which was pending for several decades, they said.

The MPs who met Dr. Manmohan Singh were - Ponnam Prabhakar, G. Vivekananda, Manda Jagannath, Palvai Goverdhan Reddy, Suresh Shetkar and Rapolu Anand Bhaskar.

They said they were under tremendous pressure from their constituents to see that the Congress spelt out its stand on Telangana at any cost.

They also conveyed their unhappiness to the Centre’s decision to invite two representatives from each party for the meeting.

Later, the MPs claimed that the Prime Minister said there was no reason for them to feel dissatisfied as the Centre would definitely take a decision on the matter.

The Parliament members made light of the meeting saying that it would serve no purpose as two representatives had been invited from each party.

They wondered whether the Centre was keen on finding a solution to the issue or wanted to keep it on hold.