Continuing his tirade against the draft AP Reorganisation Bill which had “several lacunae”, Minister S. Sailajanath said the provisions in the draft Bill raised doubt that the Telugu speaking people are not bound by the Constitution like their counterparts in other States.

“The Bill speaks about the consent of Telangana Council of Ministers on every count. We are made to believe that we are living on rented premises,” he said.

Mr. Sailajanath said the Centre appeared to have expressed its strong dislike towards Telugu speaking people as was evident from the clauses related to distribution of assets and liabilities and other issues. While the assets created in the capital would remain in Telangana, each of the projects proposed for the new State carry a phrase “subject to feasibility” which in the official parlance was “no”.

He blamed the TDP and the YSR Congress for giving their direct/indirect consent to bifurcation for short term political gains and in the hope that the Centre would not take a decision on the issue.

“The taken for granted attitude of major parties and their calculations for votes and seats brought the situation to this stage,” he said.

He criticised the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) for misleading youth in the name of lost opportunities and alleged that the party had sacrificed thousands of lives for its selfish political ends.

The TRS, Mr. Sailajanath alleged, had turned the Telangana issue as a “private limited company”.