Lagadapati says people will decide the fate of State bifurcation in 2014 elections

The people’s representatives opposing the division of Andhra Pradesh can manage to block the process of Telangana formation only till May 2014 and after that it is up to the people of Andhra Pradesh to solve the problem “permanently”, said Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal.

Participating in a “Meet-the-Press” programme organised by Press Club here on Saturday, Mr. Rajagopal said that various strategies were being planned to block the process/Bill to divide the State.

He said that 80 per cent of the people were against the division of the State, but the 20 per cent that were for it were “violent”, while the rest were silent.

This was the situation even in the Telangana districts, he claimed. The leaders were being forced to toe the line of the people who were “violent”, he observed.

Against division

Majority of the people were against the division of the State, hence all the political parties would be forced to change their stand, he opined. In his estimation all political parties would change their stand “two months” ahead of the 2014 elections.

He said that until then various strategies would be implemented to see that the Bill to divide the State was not introduced in Parliament.

“Everyone can now see that the origin of the agitation against the division of the State is “deep in the hearts of Telugu people” and not in the “money bags of capitalists” as it was being claimed by KCR and his family,” he told journalists.

The Telangana problem was the creation of KCR and his family members, who were working for small salaries in the United States, and when they found that they could get rich by provoking the people.