Surendra Pal stresses on more funds for research in communication devices

India should make efforts to exploit opportunities in making radars and communication devices tapping its potential and providing more jobs, president of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers D. Surendra Pal has said.

Addressing the inaugural of a national conference on “Advances in radar, communications and network enabled technologies” (ARCNET-2013) organised by the IETE, Visakhapatnam centre, at the NSTL here on Friday, he said ISRO and DRDO made radars for imaging and defence purposes. But radars are required for meteorological purposes, at airports for security and for detection of landmines, the noted space scientist said. In Uttarakhand itself, the MET Department wants to set up 700 radars covering all the hills, he said.

Radars were required for civil and communication purposes but the industry was not coming forward, he observed. Besides, India imported its TVs and communication devices from China, Taiwan and Korea, he said wondering why it should be so. Repairs and maintenance offered jobs to everyone.

Industry needed to be educated about it. While thousands of crores rupees were being spent on automobile research, not even a thousand crore of rupees were spent on communication devices and teaching was outdated, Dr. Pal regretted.

He said IETE and Andhra University could offer advanced dual degrees to professionals to improve their qualifications.

On its part, IETE was planning to open a University of Technology in Manipur to offer an open education system.

NSTL Director and Outstanding Scientist S.V. Rangarajan said with phenomenal changes right from vacuum tube to transistor to VLSI etc it had become an indispensable technology embedded in all fields right from entertainment. Reducing use of power and size and increasing speeds were important though miniaturisation had limitations of wavelength and human machine interface.

Dr. Rangarajan praised the IETE saying it was doing yeoman services to the electronics community and its students should to go through its journals to benefit from the high standard of the articles published.

IETE Governing Council member K. Raja Rajeswari said every year the organisation was holding big events to focus on the convergence of technologies.

Chairman of IETE, Visakhapatnam Centre, and Associate Director of NSTL C.D. Malleswar highlighted the importance of Radar and SONAR in civilian as well as defence applications. He said a total of 48 papers would be presented during the two-day conference.

Associate Director of NSTL and Chief Convener of the conference B.V.S.S. Krishnakumar gave an overview of ARCNET-2013.

Honorary secretary of IETE Visakhapatnam Abraham Varughese, NSTL scientist Y V N Chandrasekhar and Chairman of the Organising Committee S. Raja participated.