Road connectivity between villages is cut off in Gollaprolu mandal; colonies inundated

Tandava river, Pampa reservoir and Suddavagu between Tuni and Annavaram are in spate and the rainwater is overflowing from different tanks inundating low-lying areas in various mandals.

Floodwaters not receded in many villages of Gollaprolu mandal even on Sunday as the water from Suddavagu is continuously overflowing for the last 48 hours due to heavy rain. Road connectivity between villages was cut off as water is flowing 3 to 4 feet high on all the roads and RTC has stopped plying buses from Saturday morning.

Except for flood relief vehicles, no other vehicle is allowed on the roads in Gollaprolu mandal from Saturday night. In Gollaprolu town ,SC Colony, EBC, Arundhati Colonies along with Devanagar and Surampeta were completely inundated where 4 feet of water is stagnated in houses.

Reddypeta, Kummarilova, which are on the bank of river Tandava in Tuni, were completely inundated with rainwater and 600 people were shifted to relief camps. Pampa Reservoir, which has the maximum capacity of 105 feet, has already filled with 102 feet and if the rain continues for two more days, the irrigation officials will lift the gates of the reservoir, which will cause much more damage to Tuni town. Low-lying areas in Annavaram, Tondangi also inundated and it will take at least four days for water to recede completely, if no further rain occurs in the next 48 hours.

As far as Yeleru Reservoir is concerned, inflow is 24,000 and outflow is 18,000 cusecs.

Food, water, transport:

The Revenue officials have done a commendable job in the district, particularly in Rajahmundry division. RDO M. Venugopala Reddy went to Railway station early in the morning and made transport arrangements with the help of RTC for those passengers who were stranded due to cancellation and stopping of trains. He also arranged food, water packets. In Pitapuram, MRO Riaz Hussain helped Railway passengers who were stranded in Godavari Express by arranging food and water with the help of Red Cross on the instructions of Collector Neetu Prasad.

Bus services cancelled

According to RTC Regional Manager G. Ramakanth, all the services to Visakhapatnam were cancelled from Saturday night as the water flowing on the road between Narsipatnam-Tuni and also several places between Anakapalle and Narsipatnam.

He said that services to Hyderabad are running without any problem, but services towards Tirupati and Chennai are diverted or cancelled.

He said that RTC buses to long distances like Mantralayam, Srisailam are not running as there are some road breaches in Kurnool district.