Major Industries Minister J. Geetha Reddy objected vehemently in the Assembly on Monday to a Telugu Desam member’s reference to “tainted Ministers” and contended that nobody could become “tainted” by complying with business rules.

TDP member E. Dayakar Rao, who made the remark on “tainted Ministers”, accused the Congress and TRS of colluding to prevent the House from functioning and said the TDP had already made its stand clear that it was in favour of Telangana. He said the TDP was also willing to give a letter in this regard to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Intervening at this stage, Ms. Geetha Reddy took objection and asked whether any court had decided that the Ministers were tainted. She said that nobody had a right to term them as “tainted” and urged the Speaker to expunge the remarks. Turning the tables on TDP, she said that TDP leader N. Chandrababu Naidu himself faced many allegations and he got a stay from the court. “We didn’t get a stay. We are ready to fight,” she added.

TDP deputy floor leader P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju said that they were not ready to listen to any of the “tainted Ministers” and led a walkout of TDP members.

After the walkout, Ms. Geetha Reddy said nobody was tainted and it would be proved. “Who are they to call anybody tainted?”