Students of Sri Krishnadevaraya University turned violent and set cables on fire at BSNL godowns near the university campus on Saturday.

The students shouted slogans in support of integration of the state and attacked the godowns; thick smoke billowed from cables they set ablaze.

Fire fighting personnel rushed to the spot. BSNL sources say that the damage is yet to be assessed. The students also attacked the Itukalapalle police station this morning and forcibly released three students detained by the police in connection with the agitation yesterday. The enraged mob also attacked Jangalapalle Railway station and ransacked the station and shouted slogans against the central government.

They also brought down a reliance tower in the area by attacking the tower with iron rods and other available weapons. The students went on a rampage attacking the food corporation godowns at Kandukuru village.

Meanwhile tensions prevailed at the SKU campus with police and reserve police entering the SKU campus. The students demanded that the police leave the campus immediately. Superintendent of Police M.K. Singh is overseeing security arrangements at all the vital government installations.