Officials asked to prepare database by Jan.5; details sought include employee ID, place of birth etc

A comprehensive exercise has been launched by the State Government to collect the details of its employees in all the departments. Not only regular employees, but also the details of those working on contract and outsourced basis in various departments are also being collected.

Though officials explain that it was basically meant for putting in place, Human Resources Management System, the timing of this elaborate exercise, the stiff deadline and its linkage to payment of salaries indicates that the data is meant for proposed bifurcation of the State and distribution of employees between the two States.

To speed up the process, the data of all government employees is being collected online through a web-based application established by the Finance Department portal and all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers have been made responsible to complete the exercise by January 5.

“We despatched forms to all the employees through department heads. After verification and certification by the DDO, the data will be put online,” a GAD official said.

Indicating its seriousness to have the database in place by the deadline, orders were issued that the salary for January will not be released to the employees who fail to submit their data to DDOs by December 25 and that of the DDOs who fail to upload the data by January 5.

The details sought include unique employee Id, category (regular, re-employed, deputation), date of birth, place of birth (district, mandal, village), post at first appointment, date of entry into service, place of initial appointment (district, mandal, village), details of local status as per presidential order, employee status (gazetted, NGO, LGS, etc), Local cadre of the post (District, zonal, multi-zonal and State), Head of account of salary, pay details, date of increment, office in which employee is working, its location, details of working spouse, Aadhaar number etc.

However senior officials assert that the main objective is to have a comprehensive database of human resources of the State as this information is required by the Finance Commission, C&AG, Legislative Assembly and Council and Parliament from time to time.

Besides, the Government is creating Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) for effective public financial management and real time human and financial resources management.

The HRMS falls under the CFMS project for the benefit of all government employees, more so for employees’ health scheme and issue of health cards to employees and their family members for cashless treatment, they say.

‘Mere coincidence’

A senior official said: “It’s a coincidence that the bifurcation process is on. If we are asked to furnish data, we are prepared.”

Data of 80 per cent of employees would be with government by January 5, he added.

Details sought include employee Id, service category, date of birth, place of birth etc. Senior officials say the details are required by various departments from time-to-time.