The State will go without its tableau in the prestigious Republic Day Parade at New Delhi for the fourth consecutive year as its concepts and models failed to impress the national level selectors yet again.

The Republic Day parade is where India showcases its military might, varied cultural diversity, development in science and technology and economic strength.

The State was asked to present three of four concepts. But none of them, including its renowned handicrafts brand Lepakshi in the 3D model presented by the Information and Public Relations department made the mark.

Strangely, the Department of Culture, which has been winning prizes in the State-level parade for its impressive tableaux, was not involved or consulted for selecting an impressive concept and executing it for the Republic Day parade.


Sources said that the State should have chosen the International Biodiversity Conference hosted by it as its theme.

The tableau depicting the rich biodiversity of the State blended with flora, fauna and folk dances would have stood a better chance. “Creativity and vision make all the difference at the national level,” sources said.

This year’s tableaux component comprises 14 States and five Union Ministries/departments.

From the Southern States, only Karnataka and Kerala could make it to the selected list.

The State, more preoccupied with political issues, apparently did not accord priority to the parade tableaux. Other States prepare their concepts well in advance, at least six to eight months before the D-day and designers and artistes work on them to bring their creations alive, an official said.


“It is unfortunate that Andhra Pradesh with its rich and diverse culture and heritage lost yet another opportunity,” he added.