TDP president Nara Chandrababu Naidu showed first signs of fatigue, when he had to stop his padayatra for over an hour after he experienced severe pain due to muscle sprain in hip region.

Mr. Naidu, started his yatra a little late in the day from the Nimmagallu village at around 12 noon, which sources say was on account of an eye infection which bothered him since Thursday evening. He proceeded to Renumakulapalli village of the Uravakonda assembly constituency, where he interacted with people from the Scheduled Castes and sat down to listen to their problems.

Just as he got up to start the padayatra, he was apparently affected by the muscle sprain, and went up to his vehicle and reportedly collapsed on his seat. Immediately, a battery of doctors along with a physiotherapist, attended him. He was given a dose of pain killers even as he was administered physiotherapy for relief of the sprained muscles around the hip region.

Showing a great deal of determination, he resumed his yatra towards the Uravakonda town, where people assembled in expectation of Mr. Naidu for several hours by then. Speaking at the public meeting, he accused the State government of complete disregard for the poor in the State, who he said were at pains to even fetch a pot of drinking water, let alone safe drinking water. He promised people that the TDP would have a clear three pronged strategy to tackle the problems of making agriculture a profitable one besides ensuring transparency in administration thereby negating corruption and alleviation of poverty. Mr. Naidu continued to draw considerable crowds in the Uravakonda.