Celestial wedding of Lord Siva with Parvati performed at Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy temple

The celestial wedding of Lord Siva with Goddess Parvati was held with religious fervour and gaiety at Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Devasthanam in Vemulawada of Karimnagar district on Wednesday.

As part of the ritual, the temple priests performed ekadasa rudrabhishekam in the morning. Later, after the dwajarohan programme, the temple authorities conducted the edurukollo (receiving of groom) and after that the celestial wedding of Siva and Parvati was performed by the priests at 10.30 a.m. amid chanting of Vedic hymns. Temple EO Krishnaji Rao, the trust board members have acted as the elders of the marriage. In the evening, the Peddaseva (procession of deities) was conducted after the traditional homam. On March 22, a procession of the Trishul (trident) would be held and an abhishekam will be performed to the trishul at the holy tank. As part of the celebrations, the temple was illuminated and decorated with flowers. Devotees also arrived in large numbers to witness the celestial wedding. The “Shiva Parvathulu” also attended in large numbers to watch the celestial wedding and showered presideing deities with thalambralu. Arrangements for distribution of prasadam and anna danam were also made.