23 families out of 30 have spent thousands on appendix removal operations

Here, everyone has more or less a same story to narrate. The one of despair. Call it fate or circumstance, the fact that the people of Sheri tanda in Kowdipally mandal are facing endless suffering does not change.

D. Tara (35), a labourer, lost her husband a few years ago and has a child to look after. Her luck ran out and she ended up in a private hospital due to stomach pain for which she was operated. She had to cough up about Rs. 15,000 for the operation, but her health problem pursued. A team of doctors that visited the tanda recently diagnosed that her problem was different than what she was operated upon. They also suggested her to go for another operation to put an end to her health issue. Ms. Tara has taken a loan of Rs. 15,000 on interest. “I don’t know how to repay the loan without having any agriculture income or family support. How can I again take one more loan for the operation,” she says.

P. Maroni (40), a resident of Sheri tanda in Kowdipally mandal, underwent hysterectomy for removal of uterus a few years ago. Her daughter Anjali was operated for appendix recently. The family met the expenditure by taking loans at an interest rate of Rs. 3 for Rs. 100 per month.

Except seven families in the tanda, all the other 23 families have spent between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 for their appendix removal operations. “There is no sustainable revenue resource for them. They have to depend on loans on high interest rates,” says M. S. Chandra, director of CARPED, adding that for many of the tribals it’s a huge amount to repay.

The medical team, which had visited the tanda a few days ago to study the reason behind so many getting operated for appendix removal, has submitted a report to the DM&HO Dr. C. Ranga Reddy. “The patients are not ready to believe the experts and they are more dependent on local RMP and PMPs. We will be taking a team of surgeons and psychiatrists to the tanda to hold counselling sessions for them,” Mr. Ranga Reddy told The Hindu.