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Updated: October 19, 2012 01:43 IST

Sharmila’s padayatra draws crowds

    Ravi Reddy
    M. V. Subramanyam
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TOWERING FIGURE: YSRC leader Sharmila on her padayatra near Kadapa on Thursday. Photo: K. Ramesh Babu
The Hindu
TOWERING FIGURE: YSRC leader Sharmila on her padayatra near Kadapa on Thursday. Photo: K. Ramesh Babu

YSR Congress leader flays Congress, Telugu Desam

YSR Congress leader Sharmila began her 3,000-km walkathon amid milling crowds on Thursday when she accused the ruling Congress party and the Telugu Desam of entering into a nexus to keep her brother Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy away from the political centre-stage.

She launched the ‘Maro Praja Prasthanam’, a repeat of her father late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s 1,600-km long padayatra in 2003, from the family estate after paying homage at his memorial here. Flanked by her mother Y.S. Vijayamma and sister-in-law Y.S. Bharati, Ms. Sharmila announced her resolve to undertake the yatra to expose the dilution of her father’s flagship schemes by the government.

Clad in a sky-blue churidar and golden yellow dupatta, Ms. Sharmila imitated her father’s trademark gesture waving her left hand at the crowds.

“I am Y.S.R.’s daughter and an arrow released by Jagan Anna. My name is Sharmila,” she said amid thunderous applause.

Nestled between the Seshachalam hill range, the 300-acre estate bustled with thousands of partymen and women, including MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy. Ms. Sharmila’s address was directed at TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu and interspersed with frequent digs at the Kiran Kumar Reddy government.

“Mr. Naidu is speaking utter lies about implementing welfare schemes during his tenure. The present government is worse than the TDP regime,” she said. Accusing Mr. Naidu of playing opportunistic politics, she asked, “Why is Mr. Naidu not moving a no-confidence motion against the Congress government?”

Ms. Vijayamma, carrying a Bible in her hand, told the crowd how her son Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy was targeted by the two principal parties and jailed, forcing her daughter to take to the streets and seek justice. She broke down more than once during her 25-minute speech.

On Thursday, Ms. Sharmila covered 14.5 km, touching Veerannagattupalli and Kummarampalli villages before rounding off the day with a public meeting at Vempalli. Accompanied by party workers sporting black ribbons, she visited the IIIT campus adjoining the Idupulapaya Estate and interacted with students.

Engineering students complained about absence of faculty as well as poor quality food served in the hostels, prompting Ms. Sharmila to recall how her father used to frequently visit the campus to monitor the facilities. Ms. Vijayamma and Ms. Sharmila sought to touch an emotional chord with the people by saying that Y.S.R. was dead while Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy was languishing in jail since four months.

“I have hit the road to explain the realities to you as Jagan Anna is unable to do so,” Ms. Sharmila said, adding that Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy would continue the walkathon once he got out of jail.

It is an worst scenario, above none has talked about the pride of AP. did you people observe any national channel talking about Andhra, we should be proud ourself that Jagan is showing an indivuality

from:  vijay
Posted on: Oct 21, 2012 at 22:09 IST

Rightly said Baby! I endorse your comments.

from:  Parameshwar
Posted on: Oct 20, 2012 at 04:38 IST

The only news paper that i believe for authenticity and transparency in India is THE HINDU. However, I been following its coverage on TDP and YSRCP, and I surprisngly found that THE HINDU is biased towards TDP & Ramoji Rao.

from:  A.P.Kumar
Posted on: Oct 20, 2012 at 03:26 IST

The fact that millions are following YSRCP is they know the illegal alliance of the corrupt
cong and chandrababu to crush Jagan.
2014 .... The end of cong and tdp.

from:  Srikanth yadav
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 22:53 IST

Three gorges dam in china was built with an investment of 26 billion
american dollars to irrigate million square kilometers of land and to
generate nearly 27000 MW of Hydel power. More or less the same amount
was spent on jalayagnam during the reign of y.s.r.reddy in
andhrapradesh. we neither get water to irrigate the parched lands nor
hydel power. Let us bow our heads in shame for supporting the master
architects of plunder of the Himalayan proportions. It is the sacred
duty of the papers like The Hindu to enlighten the people.

from:  Ginjupalli Subbarao
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 21:52 IST

I too really feel that The Hindu should not have given such coverage to this kind of highly intriguing political drama unfolding in the state of Andhra Pradesh.It is very sad to see the malignant political scenario of the state due to a vast number of poeple who are mostly illiterate but highly obsessed by heroic images.The congress is cashing on the very weakness of the common poeple through tactful approaches in order to bury the hatchets of the recent dirty issues and turn the tides towards them getting poeple's sympathy and win the upcoming election.
Unless poeple remove the heroic and highly obsessed image of the politician from their mind ,things cannot be changed in favour to the common man.

from:  Pallikunnil Divakaran
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 20:26 IST

I do not know whether winning the elections by other parties would augur well or not for the state of AP, but I am sure that the Congress Party- because of its utterly corruption ridden rule at the centre especially during the past 8 years- will draw a nought in the next assembly elections here or perhaps in any elections, in the state in the future.

from:  Murtuza
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 19:47 IST

This may be well planned strategy (marches) between YSR group and Chandra babu Naidu group. Make a utter confusion and drain all police resources, make administration to overwork, create inconvenience to people and make sure the state government does not function.

Why she has to hold a Bible on Hand ?...It is not a relegious procession.

from:  Bala R
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 19:00 IST

I never thought Hindu is also biased on reporting. One side you are
showing the photos of crowd for Chandrababu, whereas you are only
showing a photo of Sharmila. It is sick of your reporting. Be genuine,
losing trust is like losing life.
YSRCP is all poised to rule grab and rule AP in next elections. You
(media) can influence fence sitters, but you cannot in the case of
decided people.

from:  Ravi R
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 15:07 IST

Leader in jail, accused of swindling the state of wealth amounting to
crores of rupees! The number of his followers keeps on increasing!
They take out padayatra in support of the corrupt leader! Where else
in the world could this happen except in India? Democracy seems to be
the greatest hurdle on our way to progress. With illiterate masses
amenable to easy manipulation by dishonest and self-seeking
"leaders", democracy is the surest way to chaos and disintegration.
Chinese leadership was wise enough to understand this! They devised a
political system that ensures progress, stability and fairness. Can
we learn something from them?

from:  Baby
Posted on: Oct 19, 2012 at 14:50 IST
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