After a day of unhindered bus yatra in Anantapur district during which she drew big crowds, YSR Congress leader Sharmila on Thursday was forced to beat a retreat in the face of strident protests by Samaikyandhra supporters at Pamidi.

When Ms. Sharmila ventured into the town to express solidarity with Samaikyandhra activists staging 'Ara Laksha Jana Garjana,' she was booed by the protesters and asked to leave the place.

The protesters, a majority of them teachers, raised slogans "Sharmila Go Back" even as she tried to talk to them.

The protesters argued that Ms. Sharmila and the YSRC were only trying to fool people and gain political mileage, after having given their consent for the creation of Telangana to the Union government.

Sensing trouble, Ms. Sharmila took a detour and moved on. At Tadipatri, the Laksha Jana Garjana was a roaring success.