The YSR Congress activists gave a grand reception to their leader Y.S. Sharmila at Atmakur in Nellore district here on Sunday. She condemned the attacks on the Seemandhra advocates and employees who went to take part in Saturday’s ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ meeting held at Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad.

Expressing concern over the likely fallout of bifurcation, Ms. Sharmila wondered whether Seemandhra people would be asked to show passports and take permissions to visit the State capital once Andhra Pradesh is divided.

Addressing an impressive gathering at Atmakur and Buchireddypalem during the day, Ms. Sharmila said that the Seemandhra advocates were attacked at the High Court premises. “If this is the situation now, what would be the plight of Seemandhra people after bifurcation? Haven’t they contributed to the development of Hyderabad?” she asked.

She questioned the Congress Central leadership whether it would be possible to build a metropolitan city such as Hyderabad in a period of just 10 years. People were being pushed into a needless crisis due to the Congress’ eagerness to take political advantage by bifurcating the State, she added.

She blamed both the Congress and TDP for what she described as their clever game plan to win more votes and seats in the 2014 elections by creating a rift between the people of the two regions in the State. “It has caused severe hardship to people, from whom Madras was taken away and now Hyderabad is being snatched away,” she lamented.