Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president Botcha Satyanarayana on Tuesday faced some embarrassing moments when a group of Seemandhra student JAC members disrupted his press conference in New Delhi demanding unconditional apology for the assault on students in Vizianagaram district allegedly by his supporters.

Mr. Satyanarayana, who was speaking to the media at Andhra Pradesh Bhavan to condemn the remarks made by Telugu Desam Party chief N.Chandrababu Naidu, against Congress leaders, was taken aback when a group of students entered the conference hall and started raising slogans.

They demanded an apology from the PCC chief for the alleged attack on students, who were on strike, demanding rollback of the decision on bifurcation. He tried to pacify them and feigned ignorance about the attack. He promised to discuss the issue with them later.

Undeterred by his appeals, the students raised slogans demanding that the Ministers and elected the representatives quit their posts for the cause of united Andhra Pradesh.

Later, they were called by the PCC chief for discussions, where they said that the Seemandhra Congress leaders were taking people for a ride by resorting to resignation drama.

They wanted that all elected representatives quit their posts to pressure the Congress leadership to reverse its decision.

They wanted the leaders to join the movement to keep the State united and prove their sincerity to the cause.

Seemandhra concerns

Earlier, Mr. Satyanarayana launched a scathing attack on Mr. Naidu accusing him of using offensive language against the Congress leaders. Charging the TDP and the YSR Congress leaders with launching yatras with an eye on votes, he warned the TDP president to mind his language and refrain from targeting the national leaders.

He said the concerns of the people could be represented to the Antony Committee.

There were serious apprehensions in the minds of Seemandhra people about the employment opportunities, sharing of river water, safety of those settled in Hyderabad and surrounding areas and fate of government employees in Hyderabad.