Roundtable on ‘Samaikyandhra’ held by APNGO Association

All elected representatives of Seemandhra region should follow in the footsteps of the Ministers and quit if the State is bifurcated, demanded leaders of Government employees, teachers, worker association and student unions that participated in a round table conference on “Samaikyandhra” conducted by the APNGO Association here on Thursday.

The participants who were in a belligerent mood said that any decision taken by the Central government in response to the threats and blackmailing of those leading the separate Telangana movement would be opposed.

APNGO JAC chairman A.V. Sagar said division of the State would rob government employees of their seniority, their promotions and future prospects. Thousands of Seemandhra government employees in Telangana would have to be relocated.

The State and Central government could not simply announce the division of the State without addressing these problems.

The complicated issue of water-sharing had to be resolved.

He said never in the history of the country the people of a State have been deprived of their capital. People asking for a new State had to develop a new capital. At the time of the Jai Andhra Movement, the Telugus did not want Hyderabad as the capital, but the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi promised the people that Hyderabad would be the capital of the State and nobody would be allowed to take it away.

In a resolution, the round table decided to stage dharnas in front of houses of all the Members of Parliament before the CWC meeting.