Deputy Transport Commissioner Sivaram Prasad said that the Road Transport Department would carryout raids on school vehicles after June 15 to ensure safety of students.

Talking to the reporters here on Monday, he said out of 778 school and college buses in the district, 329 were yet to undergo fitness tests. Only 412 vehicles obtained the fitness certificates.

He said that apart from vehicle fitness, the officials would insist on other conditions like proper driving licence of the driver and his mental state among others.

He said any violation would invite penalisation like seizure of the vehicle and cases against the owner of the vehicle as well as the driver. The raids would be carried out at Nandyal, Kurnool and Adoni by local inspectors.

The Deputy Transport Commissioner said each school vehicle should have an attendant and display the route map. Drivers of the school vehicles would severely be punished if they were found to be under the influence of liquor or used mobile phones while driving or indulged in rash driving.

The managements should give sufficient time as tight schedules would build up pressure on the driver to run the vehicle beyond normal speed.

Mr. Sivaram Prasad said the transport officials would also check the auto-rickshaws ferrying students. An auto-rickshaw would not be allowed to carry more than six students and the school bags should be stacked inside the vehicle.

He said the department would also pay attention to reducing the accidents involving the bikes ridden by college students. He advised the parents not to provide a two-wheeler to youngsters who had no driving licence and lacked safety aptitude.

The college would also be asked to verify the licences of the students who reached the place on bikes.