Terracotta figurines of an elephant, a human head, ear spool, beads, semi- precious stones, pre-Satavahana lead coins of Sebaka dynasty and pot shreds were found during a survey by State Archaeology department at Mothadaka village in Amaravathi mandal in Guntur district recently.

In a statement, P. Chenna Reddy, director of Archaeology and Museums, said Mothadaka was earlier reported as an Iron Age site datable to 500 BC having megalithic burials. The site was declared as protected site under the provision of A.P. Historical Monuments and Archaeological Remains Act.

A technical team led by G.V. Ramakrishna Rao, Deputy Director of Archaeology which was asked to collect information for updating the property management system of the department now found the figurines identified with Satavahana times.

Prof. Reddy also asked the department officials to conduct explorations to assess the archaeological potentiality of the Iron Age site which served as habitation during the early historic times.

He said the site would be thoroughly excavated for the benefit of the research students during the next field season. It would be protected with a barbed wire fencing and a legend board and proper signages installed, to attract the visitors proceeding to Amaravati, a world- famous Buddhist site.