Temple surfacing every year since 2003 in summer for a 45-60 day period

The Sangameswara temple surfaced in the backwaters of Srisailam reservoir on Monday as the water level fell below 834 feet. Temple priest Raghurama Sarma said the temple would remain inaccessible to the public for another fortnight until silt was removed in the temple premises and inside the inner temple. Also, the way to the temple would be cleared in a few days.

He said rituals would be conducted in May and the first fortnight of June with special worship every Monday. He said the boat donated by the Union Minister of State for Railways would be inducted in the current season which would be operated by fishermen’s groups to carry devotees to the temple.

The temple has been surfacing since 2003 every year in summer, providing an opportunity to pilgrims to visit it and offer prayers.

According to the records of the Endowments Department, the temple was completely submerged in the backwaters of Srisailam reservoir and the compensation thus released was deposited in a bank.’ Devotees allowed all other temples to be relocated elsewhere except the Sangameswara temple which was allowed to submerge. The temple assumed significance as it would be open for darshan only for a period between 45 and 60 days a year.