: People choose various methods to beat the heat. Some wear headgear and majority prefer hats to protect from the scorching heat.

With the summer peaking up, the sale of hats has increased at various roadside shops near the RTC bus station complex in Karimnagr town.

A footpath vendor Shakeel said that he was selling 40 to 50 caps everyday.

He said most people preferred white cotton caps in the price range of Rs 70 to Rs 200. Branded varieties like Polo may pinch the pockets of the buyer, but youngsters mostly go for the branded caps .

As the hats sold at branded outlets in the town are very costly, people prefer to buy it at the roadside shops.

Santosh, a youth said that he would prefer purchasing caps at the footpath at RTC bus station complex at cheaper rates than going for the branded ones. “I have the habit of losing caps frequently, so I prefer the local brands”, he added.