In the light of 1,000 sunstroke deaths this summer, the State has decided to write to NDMA to treat heat wave deaths on a par with that of cold wave

The family of a person who dies due to cold wave is entitled to ex gratia of Rs.1.5 lakh from State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) contributed by the Centre, but in case of heat wave (sunstroke), the compensation is only Rs.50,000.

In case of sunstroke death, the ex gratia is paid under Apathbandu scheme implemented by the State government through New India Insurance Company.

As of now, the Centre has not included sunstroke deaths in the list of calamities. At present, there are 11 calamities in the list. After some States in the North raised the issue, cold wave was added to the list.

In the light of nearly 1,000 sunstroke deaths reported in the State this summer, the A.P. government has decided to address a letter to National Disaster Management Authority to treat heat wave deaths on a par with that of cold wave and extend an aid of Rs.1.5 lakh. It was also decided to request New India Insurance Company to exempt the family affected by sunstroke death from submitting post-mortem report and copy of the FIR filed in the nearest police station, to claim ex gratia of Rs.50,000 under Apathbandhu scheme.

The insurance company is insisting on the post-mortem report and FIR copy, citing the Insurance Act of 1930. “This is an outdated legislation having no relevance to the present day situations,” said Disaster Management Commissioner T. Radha. The government would urge the Centre to amend the Insurance Act also.