The traffic problem in Anantapur seems to be growing by the day with traffic snarls becoming the order of the day, since more than two years.

On an average more than 50 two wheelers and close to four cars are added to the existing tally everyday, while the infrastructure, especially the narrow road and other connected infrastructure remain stagnant or even deteriorate.

The biggest problem Anantapur town faces is that of having to share its thoroughfares for all kinds of traffic, heavy motor vehicles and otherwise besides the APSRTC buses along with the regular traffic such as cars and two wheelers, said Mr. Prabhakar Chowdary, the Anantapur MLA designate, speaking on the issue told The Hindu.

The civilian groups opine that, new bridges, under bridges, and roads should be laid to divert traffic .

Responding to the issue, Mr. Prabhakar Chowdary has said that plans are afoot to lay a ring road to the town so that the HMV traffic is diverted .

In a responsible move, the municipal authorities have started to resurrect the road dividers on the Subash road, which is the main thoroughfare in the town.

The road dividers were demolished many months ago during the agitation for Samaikyandhra, which had taken violent turn in Anantapur town.

The lack of road dividers had meant erratic an unmanageable traffic leading to minor accidents, albeit with no human loss, everyday.

It is high time that the authorities respond to the traffic problem, lest it lead to circumstances which can’t be salvaged easily at a later point of time.