Records reveal that 3,000 acres of land has submerged in last 10 years

River erosion is wreaking havoc in villages, coconut groves and fertile lands in 14 mandals of the Konaseema.

The Godavari and its distributaries -- Vasishta, Vridha Goutami, Vynateya and Gowthami -- flow through 16 mandals in Konaseema before joining the Bay of Bengal at Antervedi, Odalarevu and Bhairavapalem. River erosion peaks during monsoon.

In 2007, the State government had taken up a programme to strengthen revetments and groins at a cost of Rs.100 crore, but as the quality of construction was poor, they gave away within two years.

Affected villages

Till date, three villages in Mummidivaram mandal, five in Inavilli mandal, four villages in Polavaram mandal, five in Sakhinetipalli mandal and six in Mamidikuduru mandal have been submerged because of river erosion.

The revenue records of the last 10 years show that as many as 3,000 acres has been submerged. Fearing for their lives, people of Serilanka in Mummidivaram mandal have abandoned the village.

This year, the State government has sanctioned Rs.39 crore for strengthening of revetments and construction of groins. These works were taken up from Odalarevu in Allavaram mandal to Thondavaram in Ambajipeta mandal.

It is estimated that the region requires Rs.400 crore to take up strengthening of bunds, revetments, construction of groins along the river, particularly at Antervedi, Bhairavapalem and Odalarevu, where the Godavari joins the sea.