Here is some news for students looking for an opportunity to work with a Nobel laureate in medicine. The 2007 Noble prize winner for medicine professor Barry Marshall from Australia, who proved that Helicobacter pylori causes stomach ulcers, will work with 50 Indian students to develop a drug for tuberculosis.

The Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases of The University of Western Australia will provide scholarships to Indian students who are willing to slog it out with the Nobel laureate. "He has evinced keen interest to do research on TB. We are offering 50 Ph.D scholarships to Indian students," informed Vice-Chancellor of University of Western Australia professor Alan Robson to media persons.

Mr. Robson, who visited Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) to take part in the one-day Indo-Australian scientific symposium on modern biology, said that there will be exchange programmes between CCMB and University of Western Australia in the field of research.

Commenting on the issue of attacks on Indian students in Australia, Mr, Robson said that Indian students should be wary of fly-by-night operators who dupe students. "Indian students fall for such educational consultants. They come to Australia and take up risky jobs like driving taxis. In Perth, there has not been a single incident of an attack on Indian student," he said.

The researchers from University of Western Australia visited CCMB and interacted with the researchers on Thursday to explore opportunities for mutual research on a host of topics. For details log onto '' .