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Updated: June 16, 2013 11:25 IST

Ready for any ‘T’ sacrifice: Jana

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Panchayat Raj Minister K.Jana Reddy. Photo: Nagara Gopal
NAGARA GOPAL Panchayat Raj Minister K.Jana Reddy. Photo: Nagara Gopal

Panchayat Raj Minister K. Jana Reddy has appealed to students and youth not to resort to suicides as the Congress leaders are ‘committed to and striving for an early resolution of Telangana’.

Expressing his anguish over the suicide by a student in Osmania University, Mr.Jana Reddy told reporters after holding a meeting with some MPs, MLAs and Ministers from Telangana, “We are ready to make any sacrifice for realising the aspirations of Telangana people. The youth should give us the opportunity.”

The MPs reportedly expressed their ire over the alleged repression by the Kiran Kumar government against Telangana protagonists and criticised Telangana Ministers for being mute spectators.

Mr. Jana Reddy said that being part of the government, they had been raising the Telangana demand consistently with the party high command, though with restraint.

“We have to act responsibly while conveying the aspirations of people. We can’t speak loosely like others,” he said. A larger meeting of Congress MLAs, MPs and Ministers will be convened on June 18 to finalise the representation to the party leadership to resolve the demand for a separate State without any further delay and the way forward, the Minister said.

Rajya Sabha member Palvai Goverdhan Reddy and Karimnagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar flayed the government’s action against the Telangana protestors.

“The high command has not appreciated the high-handed behaviour of the police during the ‘Chalo Assembly’ rally,” Mr. Goverdhan Reddy said and added that the high command had not sent any congratulatory message to the Chief Minister.

Jana reddy don't know the meaning of word "Ready to sacrifice". Never
he or any MLA/MPs from T-region sacrifice their post in spite of many
suicides done by students. Shame on Democracy where people sentiments
are not respected. Give Telangana state and save democracy. Why Andhra
state got separated from TAMIL state in 1953?? Is it not divide and
rule by selfish Andhra rulers in 1953 which was really not required to
create Andhra state at that time But cunning and selfish politicians
from Seema Andhra desired to create Andhra state in 1953 Which was
needless at that time. But Telangana state is a genuine demand and
exists from past 6 decades and its agitation in the world is honoured
by great people who respect and comprehend democracy.

from:  Hasan
Posted on: Jun 18, 2013 at 15:23 IST

Jana Reddy should stop fooling around people with his stereo type dialog
on " Ready to sacrifice". Just, give us one an incident on where you had
scarified for the cause of Telangana so far. If Jana is not in power, he
will be the front runner to rise Telengana issue. After getting in to
the power, do not even utter a single word about it.People are watching
you Jana. In the mean time, poor students are getting in to a mania of
suicides. One thing is sure, from the common man's perspective,
Telenganga or no Telangana, does't make much difference in their lives.

from:  Gopi
Posted on: Jun 16, 2013 at 21:48 IST

Mr.Jana can you please stop talking about the so called word
sacrafice. Can you tell me either you or any 1 single mla or minister
sacrafised so far for the T issue? Atleast haev you ever submit your
resignation? Please stop playing with people lack of awareness. Being
pretend to be a leader irrespective of any region or political party,
you should work hard to unite the state and work on the root cause of
the problem rather than divide the state. Can you tell me what is the
diff between you or other T support ministers and a britisher who
followed the "Divide and rule" policy?

from:  Ranga
Posted on: Jun 16, 2013 at 15:11 IST
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