Overall demand reduced by about 25 million units

The isolated rains at several places in the State in the past few days have brought some cheer to AP Transco and the four power distribution companies by reducing the overall demand for electricity by about 20 to 25 million units.

The relief, however, is temporary as the demand is expected to pick up again following the likely rising of the temperatures.

The total demand, which was precariously hovering around a peak of 315-320 million units a day, tumbled to around 295 mu as a result of the isolated rains that lashed parts of Telangana, particularly Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Medak and Mahabubnagar. On Friday, one cm of rainfall was received each at Shadnagar, Tandur and Vikarabad.

As the phenomenon of thundershower activity is likely to continue for a couple of days, temporary relief to power utilities will be ensured for this much period before the demand goes up gradually due to the increase in agriculture load. As rabi season has reached its peak, farmers will be tempted to operate their pumpsets to give yet another wetting to save their standing crops.

As against the fallen demand of 295 mu, a supply of 250-260 mu is being made by the utilities covering all categories of consumers.

Meanwhile, the Central Electricity Authority has finalised April 9 or 11 as the tentative dates for the meeting being conducted by it at Delhi with participation by energy officials from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra, to work out modalities for gas swapping.

A senior energy official said plans were afoot to bring at least 1,000 MW out of 2,770 MW capacity available gas-based power stations in the State, into operation by diverting gas allotted to Gujarat and Maharashtra. Andhra Pradesh, in turn, would pay cost difference if these States were forced to buy power from upcountry grids to meet their internal demand.