People heaved a sigh of relief in Srikakulam as rains abate after a devastating spell for one-week

Srikakulam has set a new record by receiving 1263 mm. rain fall in just six days, making lives miserable in the small town of North Andhra region. The devastation began on October 23 and ended thankfully on October 28. According to the details of the Weather Department, the town received 104 mm on October 23 and 272 mm. on the next day.

There was no relief on October 25 when the district headquarters got 168 mm. rainfall. The rainfall was slightly less on October 26 when it rained only 36 mm. Continuous downpour began on October 27 when it was recorded as 213 mm and 300 .6 mm rainfall was recorded on October 28 morning. The normal rainfall should be 862.4 mm from October 1 to 28 but it was 1919 mm. Around 122.5 excess rainfall was recroded in Srikakulam.