Ragging has raised its ugly head again at the girls’ hostel on the Kakatiya University campus.

The incidents, which have been taking place at night in girls’ hostel, were not brought to the attention of the authorities as the juniors were scared. A few days ago, a group of B Pharmacy students summoned all the first year students at night and posed indecent questions for hours together. The fear-stricken victims did not report the matter. However, it came to light when one of the girls informed her parents who in turn complained to the Pharmacy College principal, Narasimha Reddy.

He summoned all the senior and junior girls and apprised them about the severe consequences of ragging upon which the former apologised.

Again on Monday night, MCA senior girls summoned all the 15 junior girls and held them up the whole night. Some girls informed the hostel joint director, Sujatha Kumari, who visited the hostel and later apprised the Vice- Chancellor about the issue.

Vice-Chancellor B Venkataratnam said they took note of the two incidents. “It is sad to note such incidents occur, that too in girls’ hostel. We could prevent such incidents on the campus but not at night at the hostel. We will a device a way to handle it soon. A meeting is being organised soon with the inmates of girls’ hostel,” he said. In 2008 – 2009, similar incidents took place at the girls’ hostel leading to the suspension of girls. Police posted women constables posing as research scholars to keep a tab on the girl students.