After KCR, Sonia and Modi to address election rallies; sitting Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar pitted against B. Vinod Kumar of TRS and BJP’s K. Vidyasagar Rao.

This constituency is already on the most-watched list. It is witnessing a no-holds-barred campaign. The TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao kick-started his party’s campaign here. Congress president Sonia Gandhi will address a meeting today from the same ground where five years ago she declared the support of her party to formation of Telangana.

The BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is likely to address a meeting here next week.

Amidst this high-intensity campaign, the three main contestants of Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency, list out their arguments on why they think people would vote for them.

People are grateful to Congress: Ponnam

People are beholden to Congress for forming the State of Telangana. The TDP-BJP alliance will not work here as people know how TDP opposed Telangana and how BJP tried to stall it.

The minorities are fully supporting the Congress. People would not trust the TRS, as KCR had gone back on two of his promises – that of merging his party with Congress after formation of Telangana and making a Dalit as the Chief Minister.

As the sitting MP, I have fought for Telangana; I was jailed in the rail roko agitation, the pepper-spray attack against me in the Lok Sabha is remembered by people. Setting up of two Kendriya Vidyalayas and an FM Station; train to Tirupati, opening of passport office, a hospital for Beedi workers, 29 model schools in 31 mandals in my constituency are some of my achievements.

TRS enjoys support: Vinod

It’s only because of the relentless agitation by TRS, Telangana State is formed. My contribution to the Telangana agitation is immeasurable as during my tenure as MP between 2004-2009, I had secured the letters of support from 32 political parties and submitted them to Pranab Mukherjee committee. It’s my party which convinced all parties, including CPI, to support Telangana.

The delaying tactics by Congress led to suicides of people.

During last five years, I have been regularly participating in the agitation and almost every day I was present at the dharna chowk in Karimnagar.

The BJP–TDP alliance is the most unholy as the TDP had out rightly opposed the formation of Telangana State and the BJP tried its best to stall the passing of the Bill. People feel that the alliance is the best example of opportunism. Hence they will vote only for TRS.

Modi for development: Vidyasagar Rao

If there is anything on top of the minds of people it is the issue of governance and development. People are looking for a rule by BJP led by Narendra Modi. The situation in this constituency is reminiscent of the time when Vajpayee became the Prime Minister. Every section of society is looking for rule by Modi who would deliver the goods to them. As an MP from this constituency earlier, I have achieved all round development using the funds allocated. In fact, I got double the funds for this constituency. Be it construction of roads or dhobhi ghats, that’s the last development which this constituency has seen. I have been in touch with people constantly and had been trying to solve their problems. Last year when people from Husnabad represented to me I have donated a vehicle to shift bodies to the burial grounds. I have got a statue of Anabheri Prabhakar Rao erected in Husnabad. BJP’s alliance with TDP would help me romp home with victory.