Senior TDP leader Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu on Wednesday urged the Congress-led UPA government to put on hold its decision to bifurcate the State till the 2014 elections.

He told a press conference here that it was not proper for the Congress Working Committee to go ahead with the division ignoring the widespread protests by Samaikyandhra protagonists in the last 29 days.

It should first address the concerns of the Seemandhra people on Hyderabad, riparian rights, electricity, revenue sharing, and other serious issues, including those concerning the employees.

Moreover, the UPA government had “no moral right” to divide the state at the fag end of its term, he opined.

It would be appropriate for the UPA to seek the people’s mandate on the key issue before proceeding further on the matter, he added.

The Union Ministers and Congress MPs from the Seemandhra region should not only resign to their posts but also quit the ruling party as done by veteran Congress leaders such as R. Venkatraman at the height of the anti-Hindi agitation, to put pressure on the party to withdraw its decision to divide the State, he said.

He found fault with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for reportedly asking a delegation of the APNGO leaders to put forth their concerns before the Antony Committee, which was only a party constituted committee.


“YSRC, Congress hand in glove”August 29, 2013