Seemandhra employees asked to withdraw their agitation in Hyderabad and take it up in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema

The decibel levels reached a new high in the Secretariat on Saturday in what has become a daily face-off between Seemandhra and Telangana employees and their competitive slogan shouting for and against State bifurcation respectively.

While the Seemandhra employees had been taking lunch hour rallies and dharnas since the past one month to protest the CWC’s decision to divide the State with Hyderabad as common capital for 10 years, the Telangana employees started ‘Sadbhavana peace rallies’, a couple of days ago.

Saturday’s protest programme turned out to be different with both groups pitching their protests close to each other on the way to ‘L’ block thus obstructing each other’s movement. While Seemandhra employees said it was a deliberate provocation, Telangana employees said it was their regular protest point.

A huge contingent of police was called in to ensure there were no untoward incidents and they stood guard between the two groups. With a ban in force on public address system, those addressing the gathering literally had to scream to make themselves heard over the din from the other group. After over two hours, both the groups were forced to disperse but not before they indulged in beating of makeshift drums.

Hyderabad clearly emerged the bone of contention with one group asserting that Hyderabad belonged to all, the other group staking its sole claim, as part of Telangana. Seemandhra employees said they had cooperated when their Telangana employees had launched ‘Sakala Janula Samme’’and other protest programmes.

Later, U. Muralikrishna, chairman, Seemandhra Employees Forum, said they would continue their protests peacefully for keeping the State united. He said they would try to meet Prime Minister and Antony Committee once again. Leaders of national parties were now appreciating their concerns.

M. Narender Rao, Telangana Coordination Committee general secretary, alleged the government was backing Seemandhra employees’ stir and imposing restrictions on their rally.