Indian Medical Association and Medical and Para-Medical JAC leaders said all the private hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, laboratories and medical shops will be closed in 13 districts in Seemandhra on September 17 as part of a bandh being organised for a united State.

Government hospitals have been exempted from the bandh, Indian Medical Association president S. Ghouse Peer and Medical and Para-Medical JAC leaders Urimi Janardhan, Varanasi Pratap Reddy, T.S. Ismail and Siva Naik told a press conference on Sunday.

Elected representatives should get their resignations accepted and strive for a united State, they said. Even though agitations are on since several days, representatives remain nonchalant, they added.

Elected representatives who do not quit their posts will not be spared by people, they warned in a press conference here. Everyone should be prepared to render sacrifices for the well-being of future generations, they said.

Medical representatives K. Mallikarjuna Reddy, B. Krishna Pratap Reddy and Subramanyam participated.