Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the only option for development of tourism and hospitality business, Union Minister of State for Tourism K. Chiranjeevi has said.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday Mr. Chiranjeevi, who holds independent charge of the Ministry, said Public Private Partnership was the only way because hospitality institutions run by the government do not work and cited the Ashoka Hotels as an example.

Rich diversity

The rich diversity in traditions and heritage of the country was an asset, but a lot of infrastructure had to be developed for tourists to come here and feel secure, he said.


There were several countries which were earning a large percentage of their national income from tourism forming a large chunk of the Gross Domestic Product, but India was earning just around 8 per cent of its GDP from tourism, he observed.

The rich history and country’s monuments were not being highlighted and cited how the mystery surrounding the ‘Stonehenge’ in the UK was being used to attract tourists from all over the world to it. He said several departments had to work together to develop and sustain tourism and the Tourism Ministry would work to develop that synergy between different agencies.

Kuchipudi village

Mr. Chiranjeevi said that he wanted to develop Kuchipudi village, known as the birth place of a classical dance form with the same name, as a heritage centre.


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