Osmania University Students Joint Action Committee (OUJAC) has demanded the Home Minister, Sabita Indra Reddy to postpone the recruitment of SI posts till the free zone issue was resolved or else they would obstruct the written examination to be held on December 18.

A delegation of the JAC met the Home Minister today and explained the need to stop recruitment or else candidates from Telangana region will lose out as 300-odd posts available in Hyderabad zone would be open for everyone from the State. Kailash Netha, spokesperson of the OUJAC said out of 402 posts available in the 6th zone 300-odd were available in Hyderabad itself while only 100 posts were available of the remaining five districts of the zone. He reminded that the Assembly too passed a resolution making Hyderabad a part of 6th zone and the President of India has to give her consent to it.

Mr. Netha said the Home Minister was clueless about the whole issue and how candidates from six Telangana districts would lose out if recruitment was done treating Hyderabad as free zone. He said Ministers and MLAs from Telangana region should speak out on this issue and ensure that the recruitment process was stopped immediately. He threatened that the written exam would be obstructed if the Government goes ahead with the process ignoring Telangana students’ interests.