Jafer Saheb canal, which is badly polluted, has resulted in the outbreak of viral fevers

Jafer Saheb canal, which originates from the Penna river in Nellore city, is one among the various canals that are being badly polluted due to waste disposal by the residents of surrounding localities. Besides, overgrowth of weed, especially the water hyacinth, is posing a threat to the existence of the canal. To top it all, the canal has silted up blocking the free flow of water.

Following excessive growth of hyacinth, the flow of water to the downstream areas has become a problem. The canal flows towards Muthukur area and supplies water to agriculture fields. Apart from the canal getting polluted, the residents in the localities surrounding the canal are at the receiving end. As the canal is turning into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the residents of Jakeer Hussain Nagar, Mypadu Gate, Venugopalnagar and other areas are facing hardships. There has been an outbreak of viral fever regarding which they have made complaints to people’s representatives and other concerned officials several times, but no action has been taken so far.

“Some people also slaughter animals on either side of the canal and leave the carcass there contributing to the ever-increasing pollution in the area,” says Srinivasa Rao, a resident of Mypadu Gate locality. Now and then, the animal slaughter is temporarily stopped which is only because of the objections raised by the public, he explains.


Kanuru farmers complain of industrial pollutionNovember 28, 2013