Passion for filmmaking drove the suspects to commit the sensational crime

The Rajahmundry Urban police have almost solved the sensational Rs. 7.31-crore robbery case, having taken into custody one of the prime suspects-- Sridhar Reddy -- Kakinada branch in-charge of Scientific Security Management Services Limited (SSMSL), and getting vital information.

Another suspect -- Sai Prasad Reddy-- who was removed as branch in-charge of SSMSL, Rajahmundry, is still at large and the mystery will be solved if he+ is arrested.

In the sensational crime that sent shock waves across the city, robbers took away cash belonging to the SBI after murdering P. Srinivas, employee of SSMSL, who was safeguarding the money, on Sunday night.

Now, the police are focussing on two important aspects of the case -- whether Srinivas committed suicide or was eliminated by the Sridhar Reddy-Sai Prasad Reddy gang and whether the cash was knocked away at a time or in instalments during the last few months. “If these two things are cleared, we can furnish the details of the case,” said SP T. Ravikumar Murthy on Wednesday. It was revealed during the investigation that passion for film production had driven the suspects to commit the crime. Sridhar Reddy and Sai Prasad Reddy, who are cousins, entered into the film field last year and invested Rs.1 crore on their own and borrowed huge amounts from private film financiers. The gang produced a Telugu film- “Ee Prema Lo…” - which is scheduled for release on July 12. When the financiers started pressuring the gang to clear their debt, the duo along with some SSMSL employees hatched the plan to rob the money.