L.S.N. Pradeep produces his award winning film ‘Antimation’ by involving seven youths with speech and hearing impairment to portray trials and tribulations of three ants

L.S.N. Pradeep, an animation expert, has won the Dada Saheb Phalke award for the best animation film in the just-concluded film festival at Noida to mark the birth anniversary of the Father of Indian cinema.

Enthused by the recognition for his work, the 30-year-old film buff, who received the award on April 30 from Film Federation of India vice-president Vinod K. Lamba says: “I plan to produce 100 short films on various social issues,” The film ‘Antimation,’ which runs for one minute and 45 seconds, is the shortest movie of the festival, says the film director, who runs the School of Graphics here. Mr. Pradeep has produced the film by involving seven youths with speech and hearing impairment here to portray the trials and tribulations of three ants in a captivating manner by imparting them the basics of 2D animation.

The ants fall into a pond, struggle, but in the end come out of water by helping each other. “The film conveys a clear message to people on the importance of cooperation,” says Mr. Pradeep, a post-graduate in Computer Sciences and the first new-age research scholar in the country on various animation industry-related issues.

The film was produced with very little cost, he adds before getting ready to guide a group of engineering students in developing games for the online games industry.

Nehru Yuva Kendra District Coordinator N. Chandramohan Reddy and Chimakurthi Public School Correspondent N.S. Prakash were among those who patted Pradeep on his achievement.