Ragi and jowar gruels, sprouts are favourite of walkers

Of late, the many have become health conscious and as result have started morning walks and yoga for a healthy living.

Similarly, they had also stopped consuming the junk food and going in for traditional health food to protect themselves from diseases.

Gruel vendors

Cashing in on this growing health consciousness among the people, a few have come up with the idea of makeshift gruel centres like the Maruthi gruel centre, which is located opposite to the Ambedkar stadium.

Many throng the Maruthi gruel centre to consume gruel made of Ragi and jowar.

This gruel centre also serves sprouts and lemon water mixed with honey and warm water.

Any gruel is served in the eco-friendly paper glass at a cost of only Rs.10 and similarly sprouts and lemon water are also served at Rs.10.

Konatham Nagesh, who had earlier operated a fast food centre, had shifted to this trade of serving healthy gruel and natural food for the morning-walkers.

He said that he had started selling the gruels of ragi and jowar and there was good response from the people of the town.

“The people have become health conscious and they are not compromising on anything while taking nutritional food”, he said, and added that he was also educating the people about the importance of natural food with nutritional values to check the spread of diseases.

He said that he was planning to sell jowar and rotis in the evening hours.

Health benefits

Mallikarjun, a walker at the Ambedkar stadium said that he had made it a habit to consume gruel served at the kiosk for the last two months and he was feeling very healthy.

During this summer the gruel of jowar keeps the body cool and protects from sunstroke, he added. He also said that the gruels are very healthy for diabetes patients.

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