An elderly businessman was seen walking out of the Indira Priyadarshini Municipal Stadium over an hour before actor and founder of Jana Sena Pawan Kalyan arrived to address a public meeting there.

Murthy, who has a shop at Dabagardens, asked this reporter: “Will the meeting be telecast live?” “I just came to hear what he wanted to say. Most of these politicians forget the voters after they gain power,” he said

Ganesh, a diploma mechanical final year student of Government Polytechnic, felt that Jana Sena would make some impact in the ensuing elections. “In the present situation, only coalitions would work. A majority of the supporters of Pawan’s party are youth. Some may not even have voting right. Further, success in politics and success in films are two different things,” he felt.

A good number of women and children also turned up at the meeting.

“Pawan does not seem to be after power. He may be different from the rest,” said Venkat, a physically challenged man.

Kiran, a young apprentice at the Hindustan Shipyard, said: “I am Pawan’s fan and I just came to see him.”

Pawan struck a chord among the local people as he said: “I like Vizag very much as it taught me acting. I used to visit Bheemunipatnam and RK Beach frequently and I recalled those moments as I saw the Dolphin’s Nose and the sea.”

A section of the crowd left midway through the meeting as the actor devoted a greater part of his speech to Congress bashing.