Actor Pawan Kalyan’s maiden appearance along with Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi here on Tuesday was a big hit with his young fans going gaga over his presence.

Overcoming the sharp criticism of his family particularly the elder brother and Union Minister K. Chiranjeevi, who had opposed the formation of Telangana tooth and nail, there was undiminished craze for the “Power Star”, who floated Jana Sena Party.

Arriving minutes before Mr. Modi flew down to Nizamabad to address the public meeting at Giriraj College grounds, frenzied youth made a dash to the dais to have a glimpse of their favourite hero. Some youth climbed the iron poles used for erection of marquee leading to fear among audience that it would collapse under the weight.

Some others tried to break the iron barricades and another group jumped over it to have a close look of Pavan and also Modi after latter’s coming.

Tough time for police

The police had a tough time in controlling them and stopped short of using batons at the request of the BJP leaders. The youth among audience stood on the plastic chairs to catch a glimpse of their icons.

Youth responded well waving hands lustily when Mr. Pawan Kalyan said he did not come as an actor but as a patriot and also to support the BJP-TDP candidates in the elections.