RLD too will not be of any use, he says

CPI State secretary K. Narayana said that the people of Telangana were cheated by some political parties in the name of separate Statehood agitation and the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) would not be an exception to that tendency.

It is Congress party that is to be mainly blamed for the impasse. Congress MPs of that region are showing themselves as espousing the cause of Telangana but would never fight it out in the Parliament.

Addressing a press conference in Guntur on Monday, Mr. Narayana said the Congress high command has kept Telangana issue burning in its own interest and the other parties too played their part of the drama.

The foray of Ajit Singh’s RLD would not bring about any decisive shift towards the formation of Telangana. It (RLD) would be another party selling its fruits by flaunting the Telangana tree.

It is unfortunate that leaders of some parties in Telangana were telling people that the separate State would become a reality in a day or two. The fact is there is still no political consensus on the issue but the agitation is basically strong due to the people’s involvement.

Mr. Narayana questioned what prevented the Central Government from moving a resolution in the Parliament on Telangana issue while aggressively pursuing certain economic reforms which have far-reaching implications.

These double standards make it clear that the Central Government’s postures were meant for public consumption.