The Sivaramakrishnan Committee, tasked by the Union government to identify and suggest the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, on Tuesday said that the committee would give multiple suggestions with regards to location of the new capital.

Speaking to media persons here on Tuesday, after a meeting with the top district officials, the panel members Aromar Revi and K.T. Ravindran, said the panel would take into consideration all the advice, suggestions and reservations spelt out by the people of the various regions of the State before arriving at conclusions.

Answering a question on the influence of the government on the committee in the light of statements that Vijayawada region was the best to locate the new capital, Mr Ravindran said the committee was guided by its terms of reference and scientific rationale in preparing its report to the government.

Mr Ravindran said the committee will take into consideration the suitability of a particular place as being viable to become the new capital of the state basing on its distance from all the region's of the state, availability of land, water and other resources besides the requirements of development by the people of various regions of the State, before suggesting various alternatives.

Saying that all their demands and opinions would be taken to the government for its perusal before it could take a decision, aided by the report of the committee, the members of the committee said the committee would submit report in time. Earlier in the day, the committee members went to the Bukkarayasamudram village, just a few km away from Anantapur town to have a look at the water body there.