On the eve of Ugadi, the Telugu New Year Day, all roads led to the Pochamma temple in Rampur locality of Karimnagar town on Sunday.

It is tradition in the district and Karimnagar town in particular to offer the bonalu to Goddess Pochamma before the start of Telugu New Year. Some offer bonalu to the local Goddess from Shivaratri festival onwards. Some others, who could not observe the ritual during Shivaratri, would complete the process of offering bonalu to Goddess Pochamma on the eve of Ugadi.

Accordingly, hundreds of womenfolk in their best attire, carrying bonalu, arrived in large numbers at the Pochamma temple and offered special prayers. The women also observed the ritual of ‘edurukollo’ and later sacrificed the birds. They also had a sumptuous feast on the occasion.

The newly-wed women and mothers tied ‘thotella’ (cradle) at the temple for the well-being of their children and entire family. The devotees also offered coconuts at the temple. A woman said that it is a tradition to offer bonalu to Goddess Pochamma before the Ugadi festival.


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