Banking ombudsman for Andhra Pradesh M.Sebastian who is on a 2-day visit to Guntur district said ‘ombudsman’ is an effective mechanism through which bank customers can get their grievances addressed.

Speaking to reporters, he said the aim of the scheme is to provide a cost-free mechanism for speedy redressal of grievances of customers against banks.

He said the ombudsman covers deficiency in banking service and extends to all commercial banks, be it the public sector or the private sector as also scheduled urban cooperative banks and rural banks.

The complaints may relate to issues like inordinate delay in collection of cheques or drafts, non-acceptance of small denominations notes or coins, problems with credit cards and ATMs, non-adherence to prescribed working hours and non-observance of Reserve Bank directives in respect of grant of loans, he said.

Mr. Sebastian said that a complaint could be filed through post or electronic means within one year from the date of reply from the bank and where no reply is received within one year and one month after the date of representation to the bank.

An appeal may also be made to the Appellate Authority (Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank Of india) against the award of the banking ombudsman within 30 days.