The bridge has become unfit for vehicular traffic

The long-cherished dream of Srikakulam people is going to be a reality very soon with the government taking steps for the construction of new bridge across Nagavali river.

The existing bridge, constructed in 1854 during the British rule, has become unfit for the movement of heavy vehicles. Movement of people and vehicles on the old bridge was stopped from Friday as it will be dismantled in a couple of days. The government has sanctioned Rs.16 crore for the construction of new bridge that would connect Gujaratipeta and 7Road junction.

In fact, it was proposed to construct new bridge in 1990 when the old bridge could not withstand heavy floods. It was allowed for the movement of light vehicles and pedestrians in the last two decades, forcing heavy vehicles to take new bridge which is another gateway to Srikakulam town. Former municipal chairperson Andhavarapu Varaha Narasimham thanked Roads and Buildings Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao for sanctioning the second new bridge which would be a boon for many areas including Gujaratipeta and Totapalem.

“Two lane-bridge near Gujaratipeta will be a boon for the people of five wards. We hope it will be completed as per the time schedule.” he added. Srikakulam people will have three bridges across Nagavali as another one is being taken up near Collector’s camp office to provide connectivity to Ponnada, Tepparevu, Totapalem, Bontala Kondur and Dharmavaram. “The bridge works at Ponnada are going on briskly. People can utilise Ponnada bridge till the completion of new bridge at Gujaratipeta,” said an official of Roads and Buildings department.