The shortage of coal supply from the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) following the incessant rains during the monsoon season and the frequent tripping of power stations had forced the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Ramagundam, lag behind in power generation during this financial year of 2013-14.

Against the target of generating 15,286 million units of power till January 1, 2014 (during the nine months period of the financial year), the NTPC could generate only 14,410 million units.

During the year 2012-13, the NTPC generated 20,785 million units of power against the target of generating 20,448 MU. Following its performance, the NTPC was fixed a target of generating 20,708 million units during the year 2013-14. However, it was short of 876 MU during the nine month period.

In the coming three months, NTPC Ramagundam had to achieve the remaining target by generating more than 2000 MU of power every month.

However, frequent tripping of power stations had become a big cause of concern for the management to achieve the targeted power generation and it would be forced to generate only 1800 MU to 1900 MUs in a month.

Freshly, the power generation was stalled at the 500 MWs fifth unit power station following the technical snag on Sunday.

The officials are taking all measures to restore power generation by rectifying faults on a war-footing.

Sources said that the delay in renovation and modernisation of all power stations is causing frequent tripping and affecting power generation.

However, they add that the NTPC management would definitely achieve the target before the completion of the financial year.