Parties failed to woo voters with the lack of clarity on the chairperson nominees

Though politicians are maintaining a brave face, no party is confident of obtaining a majority either in the elections to the municipalities or to the Zilla Paris-had or the 52 Mandal Parishads in Adilabad district.

Counting for the municipal polls will be held on Monday, and that for the ZPTCs and MPTCs on Tuesday.

No trend in favour of any party was witnessed, especially during the municipal elections – the first one to take place, in the series of polls that was held in April-end and May.

Haphazardly done

Political parties seemed ill-prepared for the local body elections, as was evident from the manner in which the allocation of tickets was done. In Adilabad Municipality for instance, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the Congress faced problems due to a large number of rebels in the fray.

Rebel trouble

The TRS was in the worst position as it had to contend with rebels in 23 of the 36 wards. The rebels were mostly those who had been the protagonists in the separate Telangana agitation for the last five years, and were denied nomination by the party.

Likewise in rural areas

The situation was much the same when it came to election to the rural local bodies.

Like in the elections to the State Assembly and the Lok Sabha, held about 20 days after the ZPTC, MPTC election, there was no positive trend in favour of even the TRS, as it had not come out with its manifesto incorporating waivers, concessions and other doles to the voters.

However, the most important thing due to which parties failed to woo voters was the lack of clarity on the name of chairpersons of municipalities, Zilla Parishad or Mandal Parishads.

Voters had expected parties to announce their nominees for the top posts in the local bodies, which would have guided them when it came to casting their votes.